Product information

The Osawa catalogue also includes HSS/Co end mills, both coated and uncoated.
The wide range is composed by a variety of types, chip-breaker shapes, different lengths and sizes available.
For universal use, high stock removal rates; particularly suitable for unstable conditions or in case of old-style milling machines where vibrations might cause chipping of the cutting edge .

A new generation of general-purpose end mills, featuring new cutting geometries and innovative coatings for enhanced performance.
– G2: the answer given by Osawa to the market demand for higher performance tools. Thanks to a fully optimized manufacturing process and to large production batches G2 combine excellent quality and dramatic general cost reduction.
– MDTA: the Osawa range of micrograin carbide with PV200 coating. With its 3500HV surface hardness and great resistance at high temperature, the exclusive and innovative PV200 coating ensures the best performance in dry machining (air blow or mist oil).

Ultra Mills, made of powder HSS, can meet the highest requirements whenever the use of solid carbide end mills is not allowed. UM range features tough substrate material with excellent wear resistance properties, combined with high performance coating. For universal application up to 45HRC, outstanding performance especially in case of very high stock removal rates.

The Osawa range of high-performance end mills is very wide and can perform efficiently in any kind of application, meeting virtually every customers’ need.
– UH nano micrograin: for high-speed dry machining on hardened steel, up to 70 HRC.
– MEX ultra fine micrograin: for high-performance machining on general up to hardened steel.
– MDC Diamond: for graphite.
– ALU MILLS micrograin: for aluminium and alloy.
– MEF ultra fine micrograin: for stainless steel, titanium and Inconel.
– HF Evo micrograin: variable helix and unequal pitch for universal application.