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Typhoon HVA Osawa

Osawa has recently introduced the Typhoon 353HVA and 355HVA high performance carbide drills. They have been designed for guaranteeing outstanding performances on stainless steel, but these drills can be successfully used on of ISO P and ISO S materials.

353HVA and 355HVA drills are made of a specifically selected submicron grain that guarantees high wear resistance, long and reliable life. The new multilayer coating technology contributes to wear resistance and promotes better chip ejection.

Osawa HVA carbide drills feature a wide and smooth chip pocket that ensures excellent chips ejection, while the smooth surface reduces welding problems; the large chisel edge helps drilling accurate holes.

The new Osawa Typhoon HVA high performance carbide drills are available in the versions 3xD and 5xD with internal coolant in the sizes from D3.0 to D16.0.

To learn more, download the leaflet with technical information.