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HF ALU: high stock removal end mills for aluminum

Osawa’s HF ALU are innovative unequal pitch, solid carbide, four-flute end mills for high performance machining of aluminum, cast aluminum, copper, and brass.

HF ALU completes the HF EVO family, firstly introduced by Osawa in 2007 and further developed in the following years with a steady extension of the range and a technical improvement of the tools.

With these end mills, it is possible to reach a significantly higher stock removal rate than with conventional milling solutions. This tool features lapped flutes and edges to enable optimal chip ejection.

Thanks to the raking wiper profile, this solution enables obtaining mirror-like surface quality of the work-piece, while the edge geometry with positive angle allows a significant reduction of the cutting torque.

The unequal pitch design considerably damps vibrations during the machining process.